Fuel Additives

These additives are designed to improve the pre and post combustion characterstics of light and heavy fuels. This results in improved combustion efficiency and minimal fireside corrosion. Since complete combustion means full utilization of the calorific value of the fuel, there is a definite saving in the specific fuel consumption.
Rochem Fuel Additives

Fuel Additive Products
  • FOT Standard
  • Sludge Breaker
  • Dual Purpose Plus
  • Dieselite
  • Rochemite Powder/Soot Sticks

Maintenance Chemicals

These include speciality cleaning chemicals used in the maintenance of various machinery components to remove extraneous material like carbon, scales, dirt, rust etc. to ensure trouble free operation of the machinery.
Rochem Maintenance Chemicals

Maintenance Chemical Products
  • Carbon Remover
  • Rochem 3512
  • Air Cooler Cleaner
  • Descaling Liquid
  • Descaling Liquid For Silica
  • Rochem Paint Remover
  • Penetrol (Rust Remover)
  • Rochem 888 (Aerosol Cans)
  • Discleaner
  • Metal Brite
  • Alkleen Liquid
  • Alkleen Safety Liquid
  • Uniwash
  • Rochem Hand Sanitizer
  • Rochem Cement Remove
  • Bilgechem Separating

General Cleaning Chemicals

These chemicals are formulated to remove dirt, oil, grease , grime from ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces, porcelain, glass, painted surfaces, stone, cement, wood etc. Such cleaners find regular use onboard ships andin factories, office buildings, storehouses, service station etc.
Rochem General Cleaning Chemicals

General Cleaning Chemical Products
  • Rochem Filter Cleaner
  • Rochem 'S' Treat
  • H.P. Wash
  • Fore & Aft
  • Uniwash
  • Hand Cleaner
  • Degreasol Cold Wash
  • Degreasol Heavy Duty
  • Oil Spill Remover LT
  • Rosuds (Rig Wash)
  • M. Oil
  • Rochem Ecofriend
  • Rochem Draincleaner

Tank Cleaner Oil Dispersants

These include speciality chemicals for cleaning of oil tanks, cargo containers and dispersants to tackle oil spills in the sea and on shore.
Rochem Tank Cleaner Oil Dispersants

Tank Cleaner Oil Dispersant Products
  • Seaclean
  • Tankleen Heavy Duty
  • Tankleen Seperating
  • Alkaleen Liquid
  • Alkaleen Safety Liquid
  • Sediment Remover
  • Oil Spill Dispersant Type III (N.I.O. Ap.)
  • Rochem 666
  • Rochem Tankshine
  • Rochem Napthanet
  • Rochem Paramino

Electric Equipment Maintenance Chemicals

Rochem has developed a range of harmless, safe and non-flammable electrosols for cleaning and maintenance of Motors, Contactors and other electrical equipment.
Rochem Electric Equipment Maintenance Chemicals

Electric Equipment Maintenance Chemical Products
  • Electrosol Plus
  • Electrosol Quick Dry
  • Electrosol Anti-Moist
  • Rochem 555 (Aerosols Cans)

Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals

The "Rochem Boiler Water Treatment Program" brings in a new era in boiler-water technology and the antidote to boiler uncertainties, with proven value for increasing the efficiency and life of the entire steam-generating system.
Rochem Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals

Boiler Water Treatment Chemical Products
  • One Shot BWT
  • Alkatreat
  • Oxytreat - H
  • Oxytreat - S
  • Boiler Coagulant
  • Fostreat
  • Condensamine

Evaporater Treatment Chemicals

These are a uniqueblend of synthetic polymers and defoaming agents to prevent deposit formation and foaming in low and high pressure evaporators.
Rochem Evaporater Treatment Chemicals

Evaporater Treatment Chemical Products
  • Vaptreat

Cooling Water Treatmen Chemicals

Rochemprovides an assortment of cooling water treatment chemicals along with information on applications, controls and dosage requirements for each product. These include corrosion and scale inhibitors for diesel engines and complete turn-key solutions for cooling towers.
Rochem Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

Cooling Water Treatment Chemical Products
  • Rocor NB
  • Rocor OC
  • Algae Control
  • Algae Control (SP)
  • Rocide BC 601
  • Bioguard SW

Complete Test Kits

This includes testing chemicals and equipment and complete test kits.
Rochem Complete Test Kits

Complete Test Kit Products
  • Alkalinity Test Kit
  • Chloride Test Kit
  • Hardness Test Kit
  • Nitrite Test Kit
  • Sulphite Test Kit

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Rochem provides innovative technology, responsive delivery and cost-effective solutions to their customer's needs. They make sure to maintain operational efficiency and regulatory compliances.

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