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Ship Chandling & Ship Supplies Services

Ship chandlers provide the most effective and the required services when any ship is anchored at the port. In many cases, the ship also needs certain servicing on its voyage. The ship chandlers are the most effective service providers in this genre.

Ships need to be harbored at the ports in order to get certain services pertaining to the vessel and the crew members. All these requirements of provisions and services are handled by the ship chandlers. Such supplies include foodstuff, oil, water, spare parts and whatever the captain of the ship might require. The responsibility of providing all the necessary services and supplies to all the vessels at the port lies on the shoulders of the ship chandlers. It can be food stock for the rest of the journey for the crew, gasoline or fuel for the ship, providing necessary spare part of the engines or other ship spares, engine oil or crude oil.

Origin of Ship Chandling Services and it’s importance

Origin of ship supplies services dates back to the days when the boats turned hollow and needed supplies to sail. During the middle ages, global navigation commences and the business of chandling turned out to be highly sophisticated and technology based. Even today, the business of ship chandling is an important aspect of the ports. The chandlers are the licensed authorities who are expert in providing all the essential services required for the harbored vessel. Even, in case any person or company wants to buy a ship, the ship chandlers offer their exclusive service in determining the condition of the ship and help the owner to buy the vessel without making a loss.

The logistics of the ship regarding the provisions for the crew members and the oil and other necessary lubricants required, are provided by the ship chandling service providers. Not only the most essential requirements by the captain, but also all the other minute nuances of the requirements are met by the ship store suppliers. These even include the cleaning arrangements of the ship including brooms, disinfectants etc. the modern day business of ship chandling services deals with the services required by the typical commercial ships powered by fuel.

Approaching the Ship Chandlers

By approaching the ship chandlers, the crew will be able to get all the necessary supplies directly from one person as the supply source. Usually this also results in high levels of discounts and very often it turns out to be the best deal for the captain and crew. When it comes to supplies of ships without a chandler, a lot of people get involved in the process. In result not only the time and efforts are wasted but there is also room for a lot of confusion. That is why the presence of a chandler is very welcome for the ship and its crew as it reduces both time and efforts and eliminates chances of unwarranted delay in transit. The business of ship chandling also offers the captain of the vessels to make the payment for the service in any form of currency. The ship chandlers provide the flexibility to the vessel companies, which ensure that the captains need not have to convert their currency for making the payments.

Ship Chandling Industry Scenario

Ship chandlers have become the integral part of the shipping industry that has peaked to higher levels over centuries. Consequentially the job as well as the responsibilities of the chandler has also grown substantially. Like all other trades and businesses, competition is quite intense in the field of chandlers. While the competition had been high all the time, they are not confined to the country limits but have assumed an international flavor.

Who are Good Ship Chandlers?

The marine contractors or ship supplier should be extensively knowledgeable about the nuances of the requirements of the captain and crew members of ships. They need to be quite familiar with the requirements during long voyages. They should be fully aware of what a captain of a vessel undergoing long voyages need (food provisions, necessary fuel and lubricants of the vessel, repairing and servicing of the vessel etc). Starting a business of ship chandling services requires clearance by the government of the concerned country and also from the shipping corporation of that country.

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