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Marine Contractors & Ship Repair Services

Ship repairing is a sustaining business in worldwide maritime industry. Due to the growth of this service, many builders have been able to face the upheavals and turmoil of this cyclical and capital-intensive industry. Choices of repair services is related to various issues like type and magnitude of work, preference of boat and ship owners and utility of the repair service for the boat or the ship. Companies that offer the service to carry on the business of ship repair divide the services in two categories - emergency and periodic maintenance services. Emergency services are important for the vessels that keep it operable always and periodic services are available for boats and ships. Development of the business equals with the number of operational ships being used and on the decision of the owners, whether they want to avail the repair services to keep the vessels running or not. Along with this, recruiting a number of marine professionals for the various positions of ship store suppliers and ship chandlers are important to keep the business flourishing.

Requirements for growth

The basic requirements to keep ship repairing business growing is to increase ability so that service providers can meet the schedule and complete projects satisfactorily and rapidly. Other than this, they should maintain a typical infrastructure so that they can offer the most important services to marine contractors properly. Generally, shipbuilding industries that offer services have a yard for repairing the vessels (the dry decking ones) that must be 400ft or more wide. In that place, near about 2000 vessels and 30 and 40 major and topside ship repairers can exist. These yards offer wide range of services and are often linked with important and busy ports like Sikka port, JNPT Mumbai port, Pipavav port etc.

The shipbuilding or repair yards also require high investment to build the dry docks, along with 40 ft wide and 1000 ft long piers. Along with these, they must have special arrangement to establish various mechanical and electrical facilities and cranes. All these yards should have attached warehouses, which need a certain investment. As using technological tools to complete repairing tasks faster is being important nowadays, thus this factor should also be considered. Repairing needs for individual vessels are unique and thus using advanced tools are mandatory to keep the business active in the long run. Majority of these investments are straightly connected with the vision of utilizing these facilities for ship repairing and shipbuilding. If everything is arranged properly from the beginning, it will assist the ship builders to manage the repair services when the business grows less.

Demand and Supply Theory

Demand of ship repairing services increases when schedule routine is maintained and every thing is pre-planned. Following these scheduled activities are important to make sure that the vessels arriving to avail repairing services become totally worthy and have to increase its optimum condition so that it can earn more money in return. In addition, to increase demand of the services, it is important to allow the classification societies to check the services at least in five years interval so that the owners can demand for necessary repair facilities from the authority. However due to unpredicted causes like natural calamity, political hazards providing scheduled services becomes impossible at times, but ship owners must look for other options to offer at least effective services without harming the quality of service. In addition, they should increase the stock of ship spares for repairing so that they can complete important tasks immediately.

Future Prediction

Rapid growth in worldwide economy has built pressure on shipping repair business and services and at present, the demand is mostly for dry carriers (bulk). This increasing demand has further triggered a strong demand of new vessels that can gain extra capacity to serve the world market of shipping.

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