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Pipavav Port of Gujarat

The port of Pipavav in Gujarat is the first port of India owned by private sector. The port is mainly used for liquid, bulk and container cargo. The promoter of the port is APM Terminals, which operates one of the largest terminals for container in the world. The services involving support for logistics, handling of cargo and towage or pilotage is carried out through the port. The port is located in the region of Saurashtra, in Gujarat.

Several industries of ship chandlers have come up in the region. Inaugurated in the year 1992, Gujarat Pipavav Port Limited is an all-weather ort. The company that owns the Pipavav Port of Gujarat was a joint venture enterprise between Sneaking Engineers (present SKIL Infrastructure Limited) and Government of Gujarat (Gujarat maritime Board). However, the Gujarat government divested its stake from the enterprise.

Pipavav Port is the first project of Greenfield port in India. It is also one of the first companies that have attracted the FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in the sector of port in Gujarat. It has even entered into a partnership pact with the railways. One of the most important results of this grand partnership is the establishment of 269 km rail link of broad gauge between Ahmadabad and Surendranagar, via Viramgam.

The all-weather port of Pipavav offers navigation of the vessels 24 hours a day. The port is even equipped with a quay length of 725m for handling the container cargo, and another quay of 350m for handling the break and bulk cargo. The facility of on-dock rail, along with dedicated sidings, helps in handling the break-bulk and bulk cargo.

The infrastructural and the back-up facilities of the port of Pipavav like, facilities if warehousing, office accommodation and station for container freight at the complex of Port User add to the spectacular and essential service provided at the port. The private port of Gujarat also provides integrated marine services of towage, pilotage, and service for containerized, break-bulk, bulk cargo facilities. In addition to these, several support facilities of storage of cargo, pre-trip inspections, CFS and even repairing of damaged vessels are also provided in the highly advanced port of Gujarat.

Along with Sikka Port or Dahej Port, the port of Pipavav also provides world-class facilities for maintenance of the various vessels coming here. The port is also responsible for harboring several international vessels from the various parts of the world. The flourishing industries of Gujarat have led to the importance of the ports for carrying on with the export and import merchandise for the land. Not only this, the whole of north and most of the western part of India are depended on Gujarat for getting their finished products shipped to the various parts of the world through the ports of Gujarat.

Link of the ports with the mainland

The transport link between the port and the mainland of Gujarat is highly developed. The highly developed infrastructure of Gujarat has made it possible for linking the major industrial centers of Gujarat with the ports for better and swift movement of the materials to the ports and also for distribution of the imported materials in the state as well. Not only Gujarat, but the swiftness of the transport system of the state has also led to the linking of almost entire northern and western part of India with the various ports of Gujarat. The planned and well-developed infrastructure of the state has helped in successful achievement of the same. The port is also connected with long connector of four-lane expressway with the National Highway, providing a feasible connector with almost the entire India.

Ancillary units

Several ancillary parts manufacturing industries and companies providing the ship spares have sprung up in and around the port area of the state. These industries help a lot in providing the necessary parts for repairing the marine vessels. For this reason, the ports of Gujarat, including Pipavav Port have been able to provide excellent repairing services for the damaged vessels that come to the port.

Container terminal

The port of Pipavav has also developed its terminal for containers. It offers one of the finest services in handling the containers that are either imported or exported through the port. The berth of container at the port possesses six advanced Quay Gantry Cranes.

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