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Mundra Port of Gujarat Flourishing As a Sophisticated Port Of India

The Mundra Port is an important port of the country, located in the district of Kutch in Gujarat. After the massive earthquake that hit Gujarat in 2001, huge infrastructural development was undertaken in the earthquake raved regions of the state. Although Mundra was not affected by the quake, yet it underwent a sea change after the development initiative was taken by the state government and that led to the construction of a hi-facility oriented port in the coastal area of the town. A SEZ was established in the area adjacent to the port of the town of Mundra.

The port is the country's biggest private-owned port. It is located on the northern shores of Gulf of Kutch. The port of Mundra, like that of Dahej Port is a Special Economic Zone, especially given importance for their strategic location and economic contribution to the country. The development of the port in the region has brought about a sea change in the lives of the people of the area, providing them with a number of opportunities to earn their living. The development of the region as a special economic zone of the state has contributed a lot for the change.

The port was originally incorporated in 1998. However, the company began its operation in 2001. The special economic zone of Mundra was incorporated in 2003. It was afterwards merged with GAPL in the year 2006. The port is the country's first multi-product port based on special economic zone.

After the Mundra Port was declared as the special economic zone (MPSEZ), the companies of Adani Chemicals chorku Limited and Mundra special economic zone were merged into Gujarat Adani Port Ltd. After the upgradation of the port under the SEZ, two additional berths for the service of bulk cargo came into being at the Terminal II of the port.

Services of the Mundra Port

The hi-facility port is facilitated with multi-purpose terminals that contain around nine berths ranging from 9 up to 16.5 meters in length. The port of Mundra offers the service of 21 dockside go-downs. It stretches around 137 thousand square meters for storage capacity. Special arrangements are made to properly store eatables and whole grain. In addition to this, the port offers 880 thousand square meters of open storage capacity for other materials like steel sheets, scrap, coke, coal, clinker and other metals. There are even facilities for wheat cleaning, rice sorting and even grading facilities.

The port of Mundra has high facilities like that of JNPT Mumbai Port. It has the capacity to accommodate large vessels to sixty thousand DWT. The special berths of the port of Mundra are long enough to accommodate almost forty thousand DWT of vessels.

Some of the special features of the Mundra Port are

The massive area of the port around 13,500 hectares of land along with the area of SEZ stretching about 6,500 hectares marks the enormous area of the port. This gives much space for flexibility to the free operational movement inside the port. The latest technological equipments installed in the Mundra Port help in simplifying the process of shipment. The large and heavy containers are easily handled by the hi-end technical equipments powered with the latest technology.

Not only this, but also the latest technology and the appliances installed at the port make it the port with highly advanced infrastructural advantages, making it a versatile port for shipping operations. Special facilities for refueling and even refurbishing of the vessels are available in the port of Mundra.

National importance

The facilities and the advantages thus mentioned clearly shows that the port is highly feasible as one of the economic ports with high facilities among all the ports of the country. Even the ancillary industries of the SEZ have contributed to the development of the port to such a stature, providing setting up of ship store suppliers and even the industries manufacturing ship spares, in the SEZ.

The great rail and road linkages with the port with the national highway and the other major industrial regions of the state contribute to the proper distribution of the imported materials as well as shipping of various materials for export. Full-fledged operation of the port has also its direct benefit in the income of the country.

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