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Under Water Ship Servicing

Maintenance of the ship is one of the vital aspects that is truly sought after, at the ports, throughout the world. Repairing and maintenance of the different types of vessel is essential. In any case, if a ship gets damaged at the middle of its voyage on the sea, then it will posse to be a great threat to the lives of the crew of the ship. The ship chandlers are mostly entrusted with the job of servicing a ship/vessel at different ports. In India, the ship chandlers provide intrinsic facilities in Mundra port, Sikka port, JNPT Mumbai port and several other ports of that stature.

The hull and the underwater part of the ship needs proper and special attention. Since any damage to these parts of the ship cannot be generally detected through naked eyes, therefore necessary steps for timely inspection of these parts of the vessel is undertaken at the ports. The marine contractors are provided with the responsibility to undertake the service of repairing and maintaining the vessels, as a whole. In case, the portion of the ships, which remain under the water level, gets damaged in the middle of the sea, it will create a lot of problem. The crewmembers and even the on-board technicians might not be able to repair it instantly. At the harbors, special arrangements are made where the ships are towed to special areas where water is pumped out and the vessel undergoes complete inspection by the experts. Hence, it becomes easier to repair any damaged portion of the ship, that is ought to be submerged, while on a voyage.

To add to these, the personnel who undertake the challenge of underwater servicing of the ship have to be of enormous courage. Expert technical skills in this special category are highly required for this purpose. Some of the major areas where the experts are required to provide their skilled techniques in repairing and maintaining the vessels are as follows:

  • Maintenance of the Hull
  • Polishing of Propellers
  • Underwater Application of Adhesives and Paint
  • Stern Seal and Propeller Repairs
  • Underwater Welding and Cutting Services
  • Underwater Photography

Extensive Ship Services Provided Under The Water

Cleaning and proper maintenance of hull constitute one of the main activities of the ship chandlers of the ports. Maintaining the hull is a very vital task for having a safe voyage. The experts are engaged in properly maintaining and servicing the hull system of the vessels at the ports. The expert marine contractors are highly trained to serve the required service in this genre. The propellers of the marine vessels are one of the major components that help in changing the direction of the vessel on the sea. Therefore, proper maintenance of these parts and the blades of the propellers, constitute one of the major areas of service providing for the marine contractors of the various ports.

Several ship spares are also available in the ship chandling stores, making it quite easy for the personnel to take proper care while repairing the important parts of the vessels. The experts who are engaged in providing effective servicing of the damaged ship and maintaining the vessels at the ports, also take immense care while applying adhesive and paint to the portions of the vessels, underwater. They use special and advanced material for this purpose. Applying of paint and adhesive under the water is not possible under normal condition. These experts use special techniques for achieving this feat. The experts and the trained technicians also provide the much-needed service for repairing stern seals and the propellers. They even use highly advanced equipments for doing the job of underwater cutting and welding of the marine vessels.

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