Introduction from Anchor Ship Chandlers (asc)

We have a Pleasure to Introduce to you our Marine Organization ( An ISO 9001 : 2008 Co. Certified by BVQ ) which is involved in MarineServices activites for;

Calibration of Gas Detectors (any make/ types) , Multi Gas detectors, Fixed Gas Detection system ,Pumproom Gas Detection System, Alcohol meter etc.
Calibration & Verification test of 15 ppm Bilge Alarm Monitor, Calibration of UTI Tapes, MMC Tapes.
Calibrations of Ship's Pressure Gauges, Including Master Pressure Calibrator ,Temperature Calibrator, Depth Gauges, Pressure Relief Valves, Transmitters, Switches,Indicators, Temperature Sensors etc.

Servicing, Troubleshooting, Installation jobs of Shipboard Systems & Equipments Includes : Boiler Automation, ODME System ,Tank Level Gauging System,IG Sysetem, OWS System etc.on board vessel for Cargo ships, Tanker’s, Bulk Carriers, Passenger vessels & Tugs.
Retrofitting of Engine Room Alarm Monitoring system.

Repairs of PCBS, Power Supply (SMPS) , Alarm Cards, Purifier PCB'S.
Supply of Automation spares including electrical & elcectronic products.

We are attaching herewith our complete product catlogue for details of jobs that can be carried out by our firm.

Mr. Mahesh Tejwani
Manager, Anchor ship chandlers
An ISO 9001 : 2008 Regd. Co. Certified by BVQ

We undertake below mentioned Supplies /Services / Calibration Jobs
  • Calibrations of Complete Ship's Pressure, Temperature, Gas Measuring Equipments&Systems.
  • Calibration of Portable Gas Analyzer , Multi Gas Detector / Fixed Gas Detection Systems.
  • Calibration of Fixed Oxygen Analyzer / Oxygen Recorder.
  • Calibration of UTI Tape /MMCTapes.
  • Calibration of Pressure Gauges, Temperature Gauges, Digital Gauges. ( Including Masters Equipments )
  • Calibration of Pressure Transmitters / Pneumatic Transmitters/ Positioner etc.,
  • Calibration of Pressure Calibrator / Temperature Calibrator ( Including Masters)
  • Calibration of Temperature Sensors / Indicator ( Digital ) Pressure Switches / Temperature Switches, Exhaust Pyrometers / Thermometers etc.
  • Calibration ofRPMMeters , Volt Meters , Tachometer , Multimeter, Flow Meter, Load Cells.
  • Repairs to Automation and Control Systems of Ships.
  • Repairs of all types of PCB's /SMPSPower Supply , AVR, UPS , Inverter Frequency Drives etc.
  • Repairs of UTI /MMCTapes /ODME/ Boiler System / Oil Mist Detector etc.,
  • Repairs of Control PCB'S / Control Module / Drives / Repairs of PLC'S
  • Woodward Governors – mechanical and electronic types.
  • Repairs to Oil Pollution Control Equipment.
  • Control Panel / Safety Alarm Panels / Purifier Panels / Boiler Panel / SCADA / PLC System / Electrical Panels /
  • Diesel Generator Panel / Battery charger panel / Annunciator - as per customer's requirement.
  • Complete Ship Board – Main Switch Board , Emergency Switch Board, Starter Panel, Distribution Board Panel.
  • Spares for, Complete Ship Board Electrical / Electronics Equipments of Main Switch Board , Emergency Switch Board, Starter Panel,
  • Distribution Board.
  • Main Engine / Aux Engine – Pyrometers / Temperature Thermometers / Exhaust Temperature Thermometer including all Types of Spares,
  • Alarm Switches / Trips etc.
  • Main Engine Spares -RPMMeter / Analog Meter / Over speed Units / Engine and Deck – all types of machinery Spares.
  • UTI Tape, Make – Hermetic,MMCTape, Make – MMC, Including Spares with Calibration Certificate for oil Tanker Vessels.
  • 15 ppm Bilge Alarm Monitors - Various types, and Spares of Calibration Solution Kit etc. with certificate
  • Oil Mist Detector, Make - Graviner, Mark 4 , Mark 5 , Daihatsu, Visatron with Spares etc.
  • Boiler Systems, Boiler Combustion Control systems Spares : - Sensors / Photo cell / Relays / Panels / Boiler feed water controller etc.
  • ODMESystem&Control System ; Make – Seres ,VAF Inst. Salwico, Babcock Bristol, STC, Seres, Sumitomo etc. including spares.
  • IG Systems – Including Spares of OXYGEN Recorder / Gauges / Controller etc.,
  • Calibration Gases, Calibration Gas Cylinders / Calibration Kit, Calibration Accessories.
  • Gas Detection tubes, Gas Detection Pumps / Gas Sensors / Fixed Gas Detection System Sensor, Personnel Safety equipment etc,
  • Gas Detection Instruments - Oxygen Gas Meter / LEL Gas Meter / Multi Gas Detector – Any Makers / types. Types , with Calibration Certificate
  • Fixed Oxygen Analyser / Oxygen Recorder with Spares - along with Calibration Certificate.
  • Pressure Gauges (High Accuracy) Master Gauges, Pressure Calibrator with Calibration Certificate
  • Pressure switches, Thermostats with Calibration Certificate, Proximity Switches, Limit Switches etc,
  • Navigation Systems Spares, Panels , Relays, Lamps, Indicators etc.
  • Radar Spares ; IncludingWalkie Talkies , VHF Radio / , Batteries,
  • Engine Telegraph , including Telephone Exchange – Spares , Ringer Relay&P.A. System.
  • Separator Control systems – Alpha laval - EPC 30,41,400 etc, etc.,Westfalia.
  • Refrigerator Spares including – all types of Switches / Thermostat / Heating Elements / Timer.
  • Cargo control – Pressure Transmitter , including Electronic / Pneumatic Pressure Transmitter etc.,
  • Temperature Calibrators / Bath, ( with calibration certificates ).
  • Contactors / Circuit Breakers and various Electrical switch gear, Overload Relays, Coils , Electrical control items.
  • Multimeters, Fluke Meters / Clamp Meter / etc., Panel Meter / KWMeter etc.,
  • Power Supply ,SMPSPower Supply, Converter , PCB'S As per Sample. Process control items&Panels

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