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Sikka Port, Gujarat - Offering High Amenities for Export and Import of Goods

The port of Sikka offers great advantage for shipment of heavy industrial goods. The modern machinery and the technically upgraded equipments installed in Sikka port makes it quite easy for loading the ships with the heavy machinery and other goods. The ship terminal handles about 145 ships transporting crude material and 700 vessels carrying other products. The port is mainly used for transporting crude materials. The port usually handles 31 metric tons of crude material and 22 metric tons of products at an average every year.

The ship terminal contains around 9 berths for harboring of the vessels at the port. The port of Sikka is highly preferred for its use in transporting crude materials, which is not possible through Dahej port or that of JNPT Mumbai Port. The availability of such special facilities has made this port one of the favorable ports for dealing in such crude products, which is necessary for the country.

SPM or the single point moorings of Sikka port

The SPMs are situated at about 15 km off the shore of Sikka. These SPMs are used for importing crude oil and exporting the petroleum products of diesel and gasoline. The crude single point moorings are connected with the tanks at the shore with the help of 48-inch pipelines that run through the seawater. On the other hand, the products SPMs are connected through 30 inches of sub-sea pipelines.

Vessels with a maximum 345 meters of LOA require the berths of crude SPMs. The larger tankers needs about forty hours approximately for off-loading the crude cargo. The SPMs for the products usually accommodates the tanker vessel with a maximum LOA of 300 meters.

Pilotage of the vessels carrying the crude material and the products

Pilotage of all the vessels coming to the Sikka Port constitutes a major process, undertaken by the port authorities. The approach to the ship terminal is marked with the help of a fairway buoy. The approach channel designated for the vessel is generally designated through a set of bouys.

In addition to this, the leading lights offer crucial assistance with respect to navigation - from turning of the concerned vessel to occupancy of the tanker berths. The port has been constructed mainly for discharging the import of materials of liquid ammonia along with phosphoric acid through the respective pipelines constructed scientifically along the seashores of the port.

High technical facility for shipment and de-shipment of crude materials

The Sikka port is equipped with the hi-tech machinery for checking and transporting the crude materials. Technically upgraded go-downs and tankers allow safe storage of the crude products before they are being shipped, as well as, after they are imported through the port.

The nearby areas of the port possesses various small industries supplying the ship spares which are used for repairing of the damaged ships or servicing of the ships and the vessels carrying crude materials to the port. Since this is the only specialized port for handling the crude supplies of the country, special arrangements are made for carrying out such process effectively. There are several arrangements for safety of the personnel dealing with the process of loading and unloading the crude materials from the vessels.

After the vessels are harbored, special investigating team inspects the vessel to check for any case of pilferage from the vessel involved and take drastic action necessary to deal with the situation, if any such incident takes place.

There are even industries providing ship chandlers that constitute an important factor for almost all the ports around the world. The special technical facilities and the amenities available in this port are highly adored by the transport companies of crude materials, since these are unavailable in most, or precisely, no other port of India, as of now. The technical facility available at the port is just what is required for safer process to ensure emptying or re-filling the crude materials off-or on the vessels. High standard of safety arrangements are available in the port, which ensures safer transfer of such materials.

The marine contractors offer their valuable service for ensuring safety while undertaking the process of transfer of the crude products on or off the vessels. The port is even facilitated with high standard of safety measures to deal in case any fatal accident takes place while transferring the crude materials from the vessels.

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