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Shipping Industry

Development of shipping industry is always linked with Global economy because if the other is stable, development of the mentioned industry will be stable as well. Generally, handling this industry proves to be difficult because it is notorious, volatile and complex in nature. This is because bust and bloom of the industry depends totally on the fluctuation of world economy. With the recent turmoil in world economy the shipping industries across the world has faced a lot and there are chances that this problem may increase in future because demand for finished goods and raw materials are going down. Record says that at present there are near about 10 millions of seafarers that are managing more than 50,0000 trading ships (of different types) around the world. However, almost half million of the companies are suffering from economic trouble.

Basic Ships that are used and other info

The basic ships that are used in shipping industry are container ships, tankers, ferries, bulk carriers, specialized ships, cruise ships, and general ferries. The cargo ships in general carry near about 37% of fleet around world and these are mainly used for deadweight tonnage. The other transaction conducted through ships includes 25% through tankers, 12.5 % of passenger ships, 8% of container ships. Another 4% include special ships that do not belong to this category. Total amount of shipping tonnage is authorized in more than 150 nations. Still now, Panama is in the top that deals with more than 170 million tons of products and Liberia and Bahamas is holding the second and third position accordingly. Both this countries deal with 47 million tons and 79 million tons of products per annum. The other countries that play important role in the over all development of the industry are Malta, Hong Kong, USA, China and Greece. Some of the Indian ports like Sikka port, Jnpt Mumbai port are coming to the fore that are also contributing in the development of the industry.

Record also says that 17.4% of world’s fleet tonnage is carried and owned by Greece and Japan follow this tradition closely by shipping 15.1% of tonnage. Other important ship store suppliers are Norway, China, USA and Germany.

Good Freight Logisticians

If you go through shipping industry at a glance, you will easily get the definition that are called good freight logisticians. Generally, they are recognized as good logistician who can easily chart out the exact route of shipment and shipping. They don’t consider the distance or the budget and find out the cost efficient and quickest route to carry the cargos. At the same time, they will have good relationship with custom brokers so that they can clear legal issues related to shipping clearly. Custom brokers are important part of this industry who compliments the service by clearing shipments on behalf of the shipping authority.

Uses of Technology in Shipping Industry

At present, the shipping industries make use of Lift of shipping and roll of shipping technology to transport. These two technologies are especially used to transport cars and vehicles to other areas. Even heavy weight cars and vehicles are being shipped overseas, using these two methods. The RoRo technique is followed to transport small cars and the LoLo or lift of shipping technology is being used to transport heavy weight cars. Following these methods, a car can be shipped in just six to eight days. However, other marine contractors follow different other methods like PPR, TVT to transport different other objects.

Future Condition

It is hard to say that future of the shipping industry is very prosperous because number of ship sales is decreasing day by day. The shipping companies are struggling hard and a few of them are planning to take aid from respective governments. If there is any development in world economy then the scenario may change, otherwise the small industries have to merge with the established ones and the bigger ones will have to depend on government aids only.

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